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Prefabricated Metal Profiles

Prefabricated Metal Roofing ProfilesQuality Roofers has an on-site fully equipped, state of the art sheet metal shop to handle all of our customers custom fabrication needs. By producing our own metal  profiles, Quality Roofers is able to provide quality control and assurance to our customers from project inception, field measurements and fabrication through installation while meeting all architect and building code requirements.

Shearing Machine

The first stop in our sheet metal shop is our Tennsmith mechanical shear. Exact Measurements can be placed into the computer of this machine allowing all of our cuts to be uniform, guaranteeing correct installation and visible precision required for a quality job. Our Shear is rated to cut up to 14 Gauge Steel, 16 Gauge Stainless Steel as well as .120 Aluminum.

State of the Art Metal Former

Schechtl Metal Former- Our in house sheet metal shop is equipped with an automatic break machine able to produce complicated bends in a timely manner with the help of our experienced sheet metal mechanics. Using exact measurements Quality Roofers Inc. is able to custom fabricate almost all sheet metal designs needed in our projects. Our quality control over this machine allows Quality Roofers to ensure the streamlined production of sheet metal and accessories. Our Schechtl Metal Former has the capacity to fabricate thicknesses as high as .060 Aluminum and 16 Gauge Steel. This single source availability allows the cost of the project to be cut down with these savings passed on to our customers.

Gutter Machine

Adding to the control Quality Roofers exhibits over the quality of our products is our Commercial Gutter machine. We are able to produce commercial 7” box style seamless gutters at any length. Using solid single metal coils at most any length, allows Quality Roofers inc. to easily ensure color continuance and decreases the likelihood of costly yearly maintenance issues created by using gutters requiring joints.

Quality Roofers takes pride in their ability to produce their own sheet metal accessories. This capability allows Quality Roofers to exert the quality control needed to deliver custom fabricated, sometimes complicated designs required to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We do accept custom sheet metal orders.

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