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Built-Up Roofing

Modified Bitumen ApplicationGone are the days when a roofer could just get on a roof with a bucket of hot tar and a mop and complete his work. Today’s roofing industry has grown into one of the most technologically advanced trades of construction. Arrays of roofing systems are at the fingertips of customers looking for specific ways to waterproof their buildings. Quality Roofers Inc. is very experienced in all aspects of built up roofing. Using modified bitumen roofing, Quality Roofers is able to provide roofs that will last through the wind, water and sun exposure that previous roofs could not withstand. Removing an existing roof to the original deck of the building allows Quality Roofers Inc. to inspect the substrate of the building to ensure a smooth and sound surface which to adhere our roofing products.

On top of the deck, insulation is installed by setting it in hot asphalt or mechanically fastening through the deck depending on the proper application. Most often the insulation type used is Polyisocyanurate or ISO for short. ISO can come in any number of thicknesses depending on the R value sought. For a roof with little to no slope Quality Roofers Inc. has the experience and ability required to design and install a custom Tapered System to ensure positive slope in the movement of water.  On top of the deck any one of an array of coverboards is installed. After the cover board is installed, there are normally multiple layers of modified bitumen rolled roofing attached allowing numerous layers of protection. Installing a roof correctly allows Quality Roofers Inc. to ensure flow of water off of the roof system ensuring the longevity of the roof.  Quality Roofers Inc. strives to use products containing recycled materials that are environmentally friendly in order to fulfill our commitment as an environmentally responsible contractor.

Roofing System InstallationBuilt-Up Roofing Systems include:

  • Two-ply systems
  • Four-ply systems
  • Torch Down Systems
  • Hot Asphalt Systems
  • Peel and Stick Applications
  • Cold Processed Applications
  • Various Warranties Available