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Pyramic is one of the many products Quality Roofers can recommend to our customers while emphasizing an environmentally conscious attitude in building. Boasted as a white, fire retardant, water-based, roof coating, Garland’s Pyramic is formed by fusing a water based formula, acrylic and a mixture of self curing latex polymers.  Pyramic’s unique polymer make-up allows for it to infill all of the irregularities an uncoated granular modified bitumen roof contains. Quality Roofers uses both hand rolling and spray application of Pyramic and all of our roof coatings, depending on the size and specifics of a job. Once dried, Pyramic’s high reflectivity protects the building by replacing the absorption of energy through a black roof to the reflectivity of a white roof. This decreases the load on HVAC systems and in turn is cost savings in energy used to supply these systems. Pyramic is approved under ENERGY STAR® standards. http://garlandco.com/product/coating/pyramic.html

Solex on HQ RoofSolex

Solex is a Kynar Aquatec® water-based coating that increases the reflectivity and mildew resistance of a roof while lengthening its life cycle. Garland’s Solex product is applied as a top coat to Pyramic with the goal of increasing energy savings, reducing the upkeep and repair of a sun damaged roof system, and increasing protection from humidity, water and temperature fluctuations. Environmentally friendly, Solex is also an ENERGY STAR® rated product.

Visit http://www.garlandco.com/product/coating/solex.html to learn more.

TemperaturesUV Rays are one of the leading causes of roof degradation and deterioration.  In the summer months a typical black roof system can reach temperatures exceeding 180 degrees, which in turn will literally bake the roof system.  Coatings reduce the temperature significantly, therefore increasing the life span of the roofing system, as well as reducing the HVAC load.  White membranes are naturally cooler, however while installing a white granular modified bitumen roof system, Quality Roofers used an infrared thermometer and on a day when the ambient temperature was 86 degrees, the roof membrane was 144 degrees, the Pyramic was 101 degrees and the Solex was an amazing 89.6 degrees.

Solar Panel SystemsPhotovoltaic Systems

Turning sunlight into savings- The installation of solar panels on existing, as well as new roof systems uses cutting edge technology to efficiently harness the power of the sun and convert it to energy at the disposal of the building owner.  Photovoltaic (PV) panels absorb sunlight and convert it to DC current electricity. The electricity then flows into what is known as a inverter that changes the current from DC to a more friendly and usable AC current. This energy displaces otherwise purchased electricity used in the operation of the building. By using a natural resource, owners are not only being environmentally conscious but financially aware as well.

Solutions for all roofing types, shingles, metal, built-up roofs.

Installed as standing Photovoltaic Panels as well as Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) systems.

In conjunction with our certified installers Quality Roofers Inc. can ensure a roof that is not only effective but also environmentally friendly and cost efficient to your utility needs.



ENERGY STAR®  Rated Modified Bitumen Cap Sheets

When Coating a roof is not an option, Quality Roofers can recommend to you an array of ENERGY STAR® rated modified bitumen cap sheets. With the same goals of energy savings, cost reduction and preventing roof degradation in mind, these cap sheets are installed using a variety of methods. Available in Torch Down, Hot-Mopped, Peel and stick as well as cold processed adhesive applications, these cap sheets are an attractive idea for the energy and financially conscious owner.



ENERGY STAR® Single Ply Cap Sheets.

While old single ply systems were installed using a black EPDM membrane, the market has changed course to focus on the installation of White membrane roofs. UV rays damage can most quickly and easily be seen on the surface of black EPDM roofs. The sun breaks down the chemical and material bonds that hold the roof together, increasing the likelihood of water finding a path underneath the roof and into the building. An EPDM roof with a white membrane reflects the sun’s rays, decreasing their effect on the roof system. Single ply cap sheets are an economical option for the owner interested in saving money in decreased energy costs and prolonging the life of their roof. Quality Roofers Inc. is very experienced in the installation of all EPDM, TPO and other single ply roofs.

Green Roof Advantages

Experienced in LEED certified projects

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building project is environmentally responsible, profitable and a healthy place to live and work.
Learn more about LEED certification here.

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