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Company History

Young entrepreneur Hugh Lanier had been roofing for some time and recognized the lack of quality commercial roofers in the eastern North Carolina region. Seeing a niche in the construction industry, Hugh formed a company based on the principals of hard work, quality construction and honesty to customers and building owners.

A fervent commitment to these principals provided Hugh a strong platform from which to launch his business endeavor. Surrounding himself with quality employees who also saw importance in these values, Hugh slowly built a team to aid him in the common goal of providing well built, functional commercial roofs.

Quality Roofers Inc. has since become a full-service professional roofing company. Qualified and experienced in all Roof Systems, Quality Roofers Inc. can provide a full building envelope to owners and help provide the protection and comfort required by their customers. Using only the most advanced and quality products, Quality Roofers Inc. can ensure their customers they are not only getting first class service but guaranteed products as well.

In 2007 Hugh Lanier III and Jared J. Lanier joined the Quality Roofers Team, guaranteeing to carry on the commitment to quality that has sustained the company since its beginning.


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Mission Statement

Quality Roofers Inc. was established to provide first-class service to the residents and business owners of Coastal North and South Carolina. Through a positive mindset placing safety and customer needs first, Quality Roofers Inc. has been able to provide superior roofing and waterproofing services to their customers for over 29 years.

By effectively communicating with Distributors, Architects, Inspectors and Building Owners, Quality Roofers Inc. strives to deliver projects installed correctly, on time with little or no inconvenience to the customer. 

Quality Roofers Inc. adheres to the values established at the inception of the company believing an honest, earnest approach to customers is the best way to gain results expected from all parties. “Nothing replaces honesty, sincerity and hard work.”

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